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We integrate your Drupal infrastructure with other software and applications.

Software integration refers to the processes that enable different software programs to communicate with each other. Thanks to software integrations, programs developed for different purposes can be used together on a single environment. Thus, labor and time savings can be achieved by using existing software together.

Drupal is a software tool that allows integration processes with its flexible structure. With Drupal, we integrate the information and management systems that you commonly use in your organization, enabling you to manage your corporate processes from a single platform.

Some of the integration services we provide for your Drupal-based website and software and benefits you will have:

  • Thanks to the LDAP integration we make, you can log in to your existing Drupal-based website or application with the username and password you use in-house. Your data security is protected since you stay connected to the corporate network.
  • With the personnel tracking software integrations we provide, you can monitor the attendance status of your personnel through a single system.
  • With the integration of accounting and human resources software, you manage your business on a common platform.
  • With social media integrations, you can easily follow the social media interactions of your corporate.

Thanks to the flexible structure of Drupal, we provide integration with many more applications that you commonly use in your organization. Contact us for more information, let's talk together how we can help you.