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We combine power of Drupal and React Native. We develop functional mobile applications with user-friendly interfaces that are compatible with Android and iOS.

Today, mobile applications are of great importance for companies and institutions, as we handle most of our work over phones. Institutions can carry out all business and production processes through mobile applications by moving their business processes to the mobile environment.

As a software tool, Drupal provides backend development for mobile applications as well as for web applications and simplifies and shortens application development processes. We develop useful mobile applications where you can manage your corporate processes by using Drupal on the backend and React Native on the frontend.

Thanks to the mobile applications we have developed specifically for your corporate with Drupal:

  • Your work will not be left unfinished, you can always access the application from wherever you want.
  • You can easily handle your work through user-friendly interface.
  • Your personnel working in the field or in production areas such as factories report their daily operations effortlessly.
  • Your workload is reduced so you save time and effort.

Mobil Uygulama