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We integrate Drupal themes for your websites and applications.

Institutions renew their websites according to the changing design trends over time. However, there is no need to change the entire site infrastructure and functional features for this renewal process. It is possible to renew the design with only a theme change. Theme integration refers to the process of changing only the design of websites while preserving their content and functionality.

With our theme integration services, we integrate your Drupal-based sites and web applications with our own designed Drupal themes or ready-to-use Drupal themes that you like. Thus, when you want to change the appearance of your systems, you do not need to change your entire infrastructure. During the design phase, we also consider the functionality and ease of use of your sites and applications.

Thanks to the Drupal theme integration services we provide:

  • Your Drupal-based websites and software will have a stylish, simple and professional appearance.
  • Contents and data on your current system will not be lost. The sustainability of your site is maintained.
  • You will continue to use the functional features on your system with the new theme.
  • Your website and software will have a user-friendly interface.
  • Since you do not change your entire site structure, your costs are reduced.

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