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We develop web applications that will enable you to easily manage the complex operations you carry out in your organization. Your time stay to you while your work gets easier.

Web applications are simply software that runs through internet browsers. With web applications, intranet systems can be created for institutions that only the employees of the institution can access. If desired, users can access corporate systems from anywhere with an internet connection via e-mail and password.

Drupal, beyond a content management system, is a software tool that makes it possible to develop secure and sustainable corporate web applications at low costs with its superior features. By taking advantage of the advanced features of Drupal, we develop effective software specific to your corporate needs.

Here are some of the benefits you will have thanks to the Drupal web application development services we offer you:

  • You monitor and manage all business, product, project, event tracking and productivity processes in your organization.
  • You carry out all kinds of reporting processes through the system we have developed.
  • You create users with different authorizations in accordance with the authorization definitions in your institution. You determine who can access content and who can manage transactions to what extent in your organization.
  • With the log records kept, you may know who performed which operations and when. In this way, it becomes possible to correct errors and ensure accountability in your institution.
  • With tagging and dynamic filtering features, you can easily archive and manage content in your institution.

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